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Aquaridise is truly a store worth traveling to "sea". With a passionate focus on fish and aquariums, Aquaridise is your ultimate aquarium store. Aquaridise takes pride in having one of the best selections of tropical fish in New Jersey. We stock a vast array of African Cichlids, Discus, South and Central American Chiclids, Goldfish, and the highest quality livebearers anywhere. One trip to Aquaridise and you will want to make it a regular visit. In our salt water department you will find a nice selection of fish both for your fish-only tanks as well as your reef aquarium. We also carry some of the finest corals in the world, available right here in East Brunswick, NJ.

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If you're in need of aquarium maintenance, Central New Jersey customers choose us from premium service throughout the area. Aquaridise has grown to be one of the top aquarium service companies in New Jersey. We maintain over 150 fish tanks in Somerset, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Union, Mercer, and Burlington counties. Our diverse portfolio includes a 7-gallon fish tank in a dentist office as well as an 800 gallon shark tank. We maintain aquariums in hospitals, senior living homes, a major international corporation's office, restaurants, many residential homes, and so many more. For reliable aquarium maintenance, East Brunswick's Aquaridise offers you a company that is professional, experienced, and personally cares for your fish.


We also offer free aquarium water testing to assess the health of your fish and diagnose any diseases they may have.

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Our Store

Our Store

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Aquarium Maintenance Plans

Aquarium Maintenance Plans

Don't let your aquarium turn into a nightmare habitat-ask about our maintenance plans.

Aquarium Installations

Aquarium Installations

You know what your living room could use? A custom-designed aquarium.



Who knew finding a companion could be as easy as looking in a tank and pointing?

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If you're looking for an aquarium shop with a range of fish and fish tank accessories for sale, look no further than Aquaridise. You'll find everything you need for your fish haven, including the aquarium itself. Visit our store today because we:

  • Have been in business for over 35 years, specializing in aquatic pets and custom aquariums for most of the time
  • Can keep your fish tank clean with our comprehensive maintenance plan
  • Keep specialty live fish food stocked, including black worms and brine shrimp
  • Are a tropical fish store with the best selection of salt water fish within a 100-mile radius of East Brunswick, NJ

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We are located inthe Village Green Shopping Center. We share our mall with Vitamin Shoppe, Goodwill, and Frank's Big and Tall. Traveling on Rt. 18 from the north, you will pass the NJ Turnpike. When you reach Tices Lane (intersection of Mid State Mall and Lowe's Shopping), move to the right lane. Our shopping center is one-half mile from there. You will see Chili's and then pass West Ferris road. Vilalge Green is just after this intersection past U-Haul. If you're coming from the south, we are 2.5 miles past the Brunswick Square Mall. Take the u-turn at West Ferris road and we are just on the right past the U-Haul.