Get What You Need for Your Guppies

Visit our store in East Brunswick, NJ to buy your aquarium supplies. Proudly serving Colts Neck, NJ and the surrounding areas.

If you love your fish, you want them to have the best supplies, food and medications. That's why Aquaridise in East Brunswick, NJ is a fish enthusiast's dream. Our fish store carries a wide variety of aquarium supplies.

We sell everything you need for saltwater or freshwater aquariums of any size. We also stock live bait, something you won't find in many other fish stores. Whether you're an entry-level hobbyist or a seasoned fish collector, you'll find what you're looking for at Aquaridise.

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What supplies do you need for your fish tank?

Get everything you need for your fish tank in East Brunswick, NJ. Some of the supplies you'll find at our fish store include:

  • High-end saltwater equipment
  • UV sterilizers
  • Trickle filters
  • Protein skimmers
  • LED lighting
  • Premixed saltwater
  • RO water
  • Medications

Stop by our fish store today to browse our inventory. While you're here, our expert staff will help you figure out exactly what you need.